3D Oral Imaging in Central TX

3D Oral Imaging in Central TX

Establishing a strong foundation for stellar oral health begins with excellent dental hygiene and routine checkups from qualified dental care providers. They can analyze your teeth, gums and mouth to assess its overall condition; providing guidance on how to properly maintain it going forward. Your oral wellbeing is worth investing in – make sure you prioritize taking good care of your teeth!

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    With 3D imaging, or cone beam CT scanning, dental professionals can produce three-dimensional images of your teeth with less radiation than conventional x-rays. This advanced procedure is not only safer for you and the environment but also gives a more exact diagnosis; allowing for better care.

    At ACE Dental, an advanced Texas dental clinic, we strive to offer the best care for our patients. That’s why we utilize the latest cutting-edge technologies and procedures to accurately diagnose and treat any dental issue. To learn more about cone beam CT scanning at ACE Dental of Texas – a modern take on dentistry – simply keep reading!

    What is 3D Imaging, aka Cone Beam CT Scanning

    3D imaging, also referred to as cone beam CT scanning, is an advanced procedure enabled by a device that emits conical x-ray beams from multiple angles. By recording the shapes of your head using different perspectives, it builds up a 3D representation in high resolution and accuracy. Henceforth providing reliable results for any medical or dental treatment you may require!
    Unlike traditional x-rays, 3D imaging creates detailed 2D and 3D scans of not only your bones and teeth but also soft tissues. Moreover, because the image is created digitally on a computer screen, dentists can zoom in or rotate it to different angles for any issue area to detect even miniscule issues with your mouth’s structures – be they related to gums, airways or otherwise!

    Questions About 3D Oral Imaging?

    Benefits of 3D Imaging

    3D imaging provides many benefits that can help streamline processes and improve outcomes. Here are a few of the key benefits:

    • Compared to conventional x-rays, 3D imaging offers unparalleled image clarity.
    • Unlike conventional x-rays, where dentists need to take multiple scans from different angles for a full image, Cone Beam CT Scanning provides the dental professional with an entire picture of your teeth in only one scan! Saving time and providing superior accuracy.
    • The dentist has the capability to manipulate and explore an image in its entirety, zooming or rotating as desired for a more comprehensive overview.
    • By employing 3D imaging, dentists can create the ideal treatments with unparalleled precision compared to traditional x-rays.
    • With 3D imaging technology, dentists can not only perform root canals and orthodontics but also make diagnoses for sleep apnea treatments, oral surgery procedures, and a range of other dental needs.
    • The process is pain-free and does not involve any discomfort.
    • It can construct a vivid picture of the underlying bone structure and delicate tissues.
    • CT imaging has no lasting radiation left in the patient’s body, thus eliminating any health risks associated with exposure.
    • Absolutely no adverse side effects or complications have been reported.

    Procedure of 3D Imaging

    3D imaging is a straightforward and painless process that can be finished in minutes, requiring no preparation ahead of time. While you are seated or standing with your chin resting on the designated area, the cone beam CT scanner will be attached to an arm which moves around your head. The dentist then adjusts it for comfort before activating the scan – a task completed swiftly within just 30 seconds! As such, holding still during this short period should not prove troublesome.

    Dental x-rays, such as bitewing radiographs, require that you bite down on a sensor. 3D imaging does not necessitate doing so but may involve biting onto a disposable tab to guarantee accuracy in alignment; this is strictly for positioning and has no sensory purpose. During the scan, your dentist will ensure your face is centered correctly by using various tools like braces or straps; they may also station a team member beside you to make sure your head remains still throughout the procedure.

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    I was overjoyed with the precautions they are taking dealing with the pandemic. They always great with a warm welcome, and are very friendly. Despite my fear of dentist offices, I am comfortable with the staff of Ace Dental Belton.
    Review from W.B.

    Review from W.B.

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    I am a Patient in the Stan Schlueter Loop Ace Dental . Dr. Kumar is my amazing Dentist who created and achieved my superior Dental plan. I was so eager to began . And from the very start each of my questions were carefully and excellently answered by Dr. Kumar.
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    Review from K.S.

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    Had an appointment today got 2 fillings and let me tell you I was scared of dentist offices until I went here they took care of me and made sure I wasn’t in any sorts of pain. Thank you ace for concurring my fears and making me love the dentist again!!!
    Review from K.G.

    Review from K.G.

    Belton, TX
    I was overjoyed with the precautions they are taking dealing with the pandemic. They always great with a warm welcome, and are very friendly. Despite my fear of dentist offices, I am comfortable with the staff of Ace Dental Belton.
    Review from W.B.

    Review from W.B.

    Temple, TX

    What Transpires Following the 3D Imaging Procedure?

    At ACE Dental of Texas, we prioritize your wellness and total oral health above all else. That’s why our team evaluates each patient individually to determine the best frequency for intraoral scans in Texas. After reviewing your 3D dental scan results, we’ll craft a customized treatment plan that is tailored specifically to you and offer options to restore your smile with confidence!

    By visiting our premier Texas dental practice, you can experience firsthand how 3D oral scanning technology offers a more thorough assessment than the standard x-ray. This cutting edge procedure is sure to give us all of the information we need for your examination and treatment!

    Insurance Coverage for Dental Imaging

    To make sure you’re getting the most out of your dental insurance plan, our team of professionals will contact your insurer to determine any additional fees for Cone Beam 3D oral imaging. To help you budget effectively and afford care, ACE Dental has a variety of cost-effective payment options available and can even provide assistance with special patient financing.

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