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General and Family Dentistry Service Overview

We offer a comprehensive selection of oral health treatments to keep you and your loved ones smiling brightly. Our skilled dental practitioners at ACE Dental of Texas perform yearly check-ups, professional teeth cleanings, digital x-rays, and more to maintain your oral health and that of your children. If you are in need of pediatric, emergency, or general family dentistry, come see how we can improve your oral health.
Dental Exam in Central TX

Dental Exams

Our exams allow early detection of issues such as cavities, gum disease, and other oral problems, helping to keep your family’s smiles healthy.
Dental Cleaning in Central TX

Dental Cleaning

Our dental cleanings remove plaque, tartar, and surface stains for a brighter, healthier smile. They also serve as preventive care.
Digital X-Rays in Central TX

Digital X-rays

Our practice uses digital x-rays for safer, more convenient screening of hidden cavities, bone loss, and other oral issues.
3D Oral Imaging in Central TX

3D Oral Imaging

Our cone beam CT scans provide 3D images, improving our diagnostic and treatment capabilities for a range of dental needs.
Dental Sealants in Central TX

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants protect back teeth from decay by being applied to chewing surfaces.
Fluoride Treatment in Central TX

Fluoride Treatments

During routine cleanings, fluoride treatments strengthen teeth and reduce the risk of cavities.
Family Dental Care in Central TX

Family Dentistry

ACE Dental is a trusted provider of affordable family dentistry, from geriatric care to pediatric services.
Pediatric Dentistry in Central TX

Pediatric Care

Our dental cleanings remove plaque, tartar, and surface stains for a brighter, healthier smile. They also serve as preventive care.
Root Canal Therapy in Central TX

Root Canals

Root canals save infected, abscessed, or internally damaged teeth by treating them.
Nitrous Oxide Sedation in Central TX

Nitrous Oxide

Safe for both children and adults, nitrous oxide sedation eases mild to moderate dental anxiety during routine or complex procedures.
Dental Night Guards in Central TX

Night Guards

Custom-made night guards treat bruxism and protect teeth and jaws from damage.
Athletic Mouth Guards in Central TX

Athletic Mouth Guards

Our custom-fit athletic mouth guards prevent oral injuries and are suitable for all ages and levels of sports.
Dental Technology in Central TX

Dental Technology

Our state-of-the-art dental practices utilize technology such as intraoral cameras, digital x-rays, and digital impressions to elevate patient care and comfort.
Emergency Dental Care in Central TX

Emergency Dental Services

In case of dental emergencies such as toothaches, broken fillings, oral injuries, or other pressing dental concerns, our team is readily available to assist you and your family.
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