Smile Makeover in Central TX

Smile Makeover in Central TX

Are you looking to upgrade your smile with an all-in-one, revolutionary makeover that can transform the aesthetic of your teeth and gums? At ACE Dental of Texas, our custom Smile Makeovers are tailored to address multiple dental imperfections like chips, stains or a “gummy” smile in one swift stroke. Our experienced cosmetic dentists will work diligently to give you a gorgeous new look – creating a beautiful and healthy set of pearly whites.

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    Exceptional Benefits of a Smile Makeover!

    Have you ever considered what an attractive and balanced smile might mean for your life? A confidence-inspiring makeover can do wonders in terms of allowing yourself to freely beam, even if it’s something as common as tetracycline staining. The value of a vibrant, symmetrical grin cannot be overstated; it will not only give you the courage to flash those pearly whites without reserve, but also ensure that they actually appear bright and dazzling.

    When considering a smile makeover, there are numerous restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures available to choose from. A successful outcome of this treatment yields an array of benefits such as:

    • Whiten teeth
    • Mask chips and fractures for a seamless finish.
    • Revitalize worn or misaligned teeth for a picture-perfect smile.
    • Eliminate gaps between teeth
    • Troubleshoot slight misalignment issues quickly and easily.
    • Replace missing teeth
    • Reshape the gums

    Experts at our dental office are here to help you attain your dream smile. By attentively understanding your individual aesthetic aspirations, they can generate a customized treatment plan that will aid in enhancing the look of both your teeth and gums for an attractive grin.

    Questions About Smile Makeover?

    Secrets of a Smile Makeover: What Does it Entail?

    Your smile makeover will be completely tailored to you, incorporating your objectives and our dentist’s experience in the industry. To help establish a stunning transformation, these are some of the treatments that may be included:

    Teeth Whitening:
    With our special hydrogen peroxide whitening gels, you can restore your teeth to their original color while also erasing unsightly stains from coffee, red wine and the effects of time.

    Porcelain Veneers:
    Give your teeth a dazzling, perfect makeover with the miraculous veneers. These ultra thin porcelain shells fit snugly over the front of your pearly whites to give them an immaculate shape and finish. With veneers on, you can say goodbye to gaps between teeth or deep stains; their effects are truly remarkable.

    Tooth-Colored Fillings:
    Wave farewell to those unattractive silver amalgam fillings, and usher in the new age of tooth-hued composite resin fillings; a filling that is practically invisible.

    Gum Contouring:
    By taking advantage of the diode soft-tissue laser, our dentist is able to painlessly remove any excess gum tissue and make your teeth appear longer and proportionate. Not only does this dental laser eliminate the unwanted tissue but it also seals off the area from infection and reduces bleeding after treatment. With such a simple procedure comes an easy recovery too.

    Porcelain Crowns:
    When a tooth has significant cracks or extensive fillings that need to be replaced, it can become weak and vulnerable. Therefore, we offer porcelain crowns as an effective solution. These dental crowns provide full strength back to the enfeebled teeth while also transforming their shape altogether down to the gumline. They are durable enough for long-term use and maintain your oral health in greater ways than ever before.

    Dental Bonding:
    For minor chips or subtle transformations in a few teeth, dental bonding is an ideal solution. We will use composite resin that is applied and hardened thin layer by thin layer for covering flaws or altering the shape of one’s tooth. Tooth bonding does not replace a full set of porcelain veneers, but it can gracefully address smaller issues with excellent results.

    Dental Implants:
    We strongly advocate dental implants as the optimal solution for replacing missing teeth. The process involves using titanium to secure an implant directly into your jawbone, which gradually integrates with it. A post is then attached and finally finished off with a porcelain false tooth placed atop that. This makes sure that new implants function just like natural teeth would.

    What Are Our Goals Of A Smile Makeover?

    When it comes to customizing your perfect smile makeover with ACE Dental of Texas, the only thing that matters is what YOU like and don’t like about your teeth. Every single procedure we perform is tailored specifically to meet YOUR individual needs – there’s no one-size-fits-all approach here Here are just a few of the areas that will be taken into consideration for planning out your dental transformation:

    Alignment And Spacing:
    If the alignment of your teeth is more serious, then orthodontic treatment may be necessary. Nevertheless, for minor issues such as slightly crooked teeth, gaps between them or misshapen ones – a smile makeover with porcelain veneers can have astonishing results.

    Missing Teeth:
    When you’re missing teeth, this isn’t necessarily considered a cosmetic enhancement – yet it certainly is an improvement to your smile. If you are in need of one or multiple replacement options that look and feel like natural teeth, dentist at our office recommends dental implants as the superior choice. When replacing many adjacent teeth, bridges and partial dentures can also be used for reliable results.

    Tooth Color:
    A smile makeover at ACE Dental of Texas begins with professional teeth whitening to restore your pearly whites back to their natural shade. Afterward, we can then individually craft the final pieces of the puzzle that complete your look – such as porcelain veneers – specifically tailored and blended in color to match your newly brightened enamel. If past discolorations from tetracycline still linger on parts of your tooth’s surface, don’t worry Veneers are an ideal solution for covering any deep-set stains beneath the enamel.

    A gorgeous, balanced smile is more than essential because when you have an excessive gummy grin, it may be the only thing a person will notice. Here at ACE Dental office we use a diode laser to aesthetically contour your gums and make them look longer in order to create perfect balance with your teeth. We also offer dental bonding or porcelain veneers/crowns in case of chips and cracks that need fixing or covering up for flawless results.

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    I was overjoyed with the precautions they are taking dealing with the pandemic. They always great with a warm welcome, and are very friendly. Despite my fear of dentist offices, I am comfortable with the staff of Ace Dental Belton.
    Review from W.B.

    Review from W.B.

    Temple, TX
    I am a Patient in the Stan Schlueter Loop Ace Dental . Dr. Kumar is my amazing Dentist who created and achieved my superior Dental plan. I was so eager to began . And from the very start each of my questions were carefully and excellently answered by Dr. Kumar.
    Review from K.S.

    Review from K.S.

    Killeen, TX
    Had an appointment today got 2 fillings and let me tell you I was scared of dentist offices until I went here they took care of me and made sure I wasn’t in any sorts of pain. Thank you ace for concurring my fears and making me love the dentist again!!!
    Review from K.G.

    Review from K.G.

    Belton, TX
    I was overjoyed with the precautions they are taking dealing with the pandemic. They always great with a warm welcome, and are very friendly. Despite my fear of dentist offices, I am comfortable with the staff of Ace Dental Belton.
    Review from W.B.

    Review from W.B.

    Temple, TX

    Can I Use My Insurance for a Dental Makeover?

    At your appointment, our team will craft a smile makeover plan tailored to both your ambitions and budget. Though cosmetic dentistry may not be covered by dental insurance, certain restorations can receive some coverage. We’ll go over your policy in detail before diving into the project so that you take full advantage of what is available for reimbursement and get an accurate cost projection. To put gorgeous teeth within reach financially speaking, ACE Dental happily welcomes multiple payment options; moreover we’ll assist with applying for low-interest medical financing if necessary.

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