What to Eat After Sinus Lift Surgery?

May 15, 2024177 Views

Sinus lift surgery is a quite common dental procedure that needs careful post-op care, especially when it comes to your diet. You must eat the right foods to avoid irritating the surgery site. In this blog, we’ll talk about the best foods to eat after sinus lift surgery to help you recover smoothly.

Does Biting Your Cheek Cause Dental Problems

Apr 30, 20241271 Views

We have all once in our life caught ourselves biting cheeks. While this may seem like a minor or habitual thing, continuous cheek biting has serious consequences on your dental and oral health. Habitual cheek biting involves continuously clenching your teeth on the soft tissue of your inner teeth. Over time, this habit can not bring discomfort but can be the cause of irritation, inflammation and even result in sores and ulcers in your mouth. While these might be extremely uncomfortable symptoms, they can indirectly affect your teeth.

Dental Sealants – Seal Out The Bacteria!

Mar 30, 2024522 Views

Bacteria and germs can thrive in your oral cavity putting your teeth at risk of decay. Decay is primarily caused by consuming high amounts of sugary and acidic foods which not only damages the tooth’s enamel but causes bacteria to stick and thrive. However, there are natural defense mechanisms to balance the acidity of our mouth such as saliva and fluoride based products. But, if overtime the damage overweighs the repair, a cavity can form.

Is It Normal For Gums To Bleed Every Time I Brush?

Feb 29, 20241214 Views

Bleeding gums is not a serious health condition until it becomes chronic and does not stop on its own. It can be an underlying symptom to many different causes including gum disease, mouth conditions, dental treatments and dental trauma, and injury. Let’s find out if it is normal for gums to bleed every time you brush your teeth?


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